Some authors choose to write their indexes. Because authors often do not have extensive indexing training and experience, unexpected difficulties can arise. I offer reasonably priced consulting for those intrepid authors who do choose to index their work. I am experienced in finishing indexes that others have started, providing guidance to new (and experienced) indexers, and troubleshooting problems that come up. Indexing is the penultimate step in the publishing process; when operating under time constraints, consulting with a professional indexer can speed up the process and assure you of a high-quality finished product. One client has this to say about my consulting work:

“I enjoy indexing my own books, because it’s a beautiful way to complete the process of writing. There’s just something about indexing that makes me happy. But indexing is an art and science all its own, and I really needed Paula’s support, because she can see things that I can’t. I sent her my index-in-process, and she quickly identified internal inconsistencies and logic problems, and she gave me ideas that made the whole process flow more smoothly. Paula’s expertise is invaluable, and if you’re creating your own index, you want it to be really useful and awesome. Paula will make sure that it is! I recommend her unreservedly.”

Karla McLaren, author of The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill (Sounds True, 2013)

I also consult with newer indexers regarding best indexing practices as well as challenging questions regarding specific indexing projects. I assure complete confidentiality of your indexing materials during the consulting process.

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